Sauna Room

Building a Sauna Room

One of the most popular home renovations is building a sauna room. Consider the benefit of having a private sauna at home where you can enjoy the health benefits of sauna for relaxation. For individuals with arthritis a dry sauna provides relief from pain symptoms. There are peripheral benefits to be had in terms of skin and pore cleansing as well as therapeutic benefits for individuals with asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Building a Sauna Room

Considerations when Building a Sauna Room

Building a sauna room at a private residence can be achieved by a variety of methods. Indoor saunas require different considerations and planning than one that can be installed outside. There also may be local governance which prohibits the installation of traditional saunas inside residential homes. There are advantages and challenges to both types of installations, whether indoor or outdoor. Size and utilisation are other key factors when building a sauna room. How many people will be accommodated in the sauna? Will the bench seating provide room to sit or ample room to lie down?

Building a Sauna Room Methods

If space is limited inside the home, the option to install an outdoor sauna might be considered. The options for building a sauna room outdoors include purchasing a pre-fabricated kit which can be installed quite easily. Building a sauna room with a modular kit offers the convenience of a quick installation (in less than four hours) and many types of units are delivered with little to no installation required. The sauna is simply delivered and placed at the requested outdoor area with the electrical or plumbing elements (depending on dry or wet sauna options). The vapour barrier and insulation are typically pre-installed with the modular option for wet steam saunas.

The second option for building a sauna room is to custom design and install it inside the home. These require a number of considerations. Sauna kits are available which require full installation but offer the opportunity to customise the project according to individual needs. Pre-measured lumber (kiln dried cedar is the preferred type) and bench framing are included as well as pre-cut mouldings, fasteners and heater guards.

The installation of a wet sauna is typically not common when building a sauna room inside a home. Creating moisture inside a residence requires special ventilation considerations in order to prevent the accumulation of mould. Since creating the appropriate ventilation for a steam sauna is costly and labour intensive most residential home owners opt for a dry sauna when building a sauna room.

Building an Infrared Sauna Room

New technology offers many alternatives including an infrared sauna. Infrared sauna heat is generated by heaters which provide radiating heat. Recent findings by the Journal of American Medical Association indicated that the average individual could realise a weight loss of 300 calories during a visit to an infrared sauna which is the equivalent of running approximately two kilometres. It also found that while water weight was dispelled and regained, the fat or calories were not and recommended the healthful benefits of infrared saunas. While a slightly more expensive method of building a sauna room infrared offers significant savings in energy costs.

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