Sauna Room

Dry Sauna Room

The enjoyment of spa's has been a popular activity for thousands of years dating back to early Roman times when steam rooms and salt baths were popular for the elite and wealthy as a method of not only achieving relaxation but for tangible health benefits. It was understood that steam and heat benefitted a myriad of health issues including arthritis and was used for the long term treatment of nervous disorders or hypertension. Steam baths were also historically popular for their ability to rejuvenate the skin and remove toxins helping to cultivate a more hydrated and youthful appearance.

Dry Sauna Room

Cedar Dry Sauna Rooms

In modern times a dry sauna room is constructed with pressure treated lumber. One of the most popular lumber products used in the construction of sauna rooms is cedar. Cedar is an excellent choice as it is one of the few types of wood that absorb heat but do not transfer the heat. Therefore a seat made out of cedar on the inside of a dry sauna room will be cool to warm when sat upon, whereas other types of wood would potentially burn the skin with high temperature transference. A dry sauna room can create and conduct a lot of moisture and cedar presents with a natural resistance (no potentially toxic chemical treatment required) to the absorption of water (or steam) and does not swell, warp or develop cracks under heated conditions. Cedar is pleasantly but lightly scented as well for an aroma therapeutic benefit.

Dry Sauna Rooms and Weight Loss

A dry sauna room can also benefit a weight loss program by literally melting off the pounds during each session inside the spa. When exposed to a dry sauna room the average human being experiences an increase in the resting heart rate of up to 30%. This occurs as the blood flow increases in order to assist the body in its cooling, however the increase places the individual in a state equivalent to aerobic exercise where the body begins to burn fat in response to increased heart rate and activity. The dry sauna room can literally convince the body to burn fat while lying perfectly still.

Dry Sauna Room Hazards

The hazard of a dry sauna room is the loss of body fluids due to rapid dehydration. The intense heat causes increased respiration and loss of moisture in the body. This process can also be sped up by an individual who is impaired or who has been consuming alcohol where dehydration may not be acknowledged or addressed leading to the potential for heat exhaustion, stroke and even heart attacks. It is important when using a dry sauna room to ensure adequate hydration at all times (a bottle of water is a good idea) and to follow the recommended guidelines for exposure limits (usually no more than thirty minutes per sitting at maximum for adults). Saunas are not recommended for use by children or adolescents.

If used in a responsible manner there are numerous benefits to a dry sauna room which can be enjoyed either at a facility or in your very own home spa.

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