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Home Sauna Room

Imagine having a stressful day at work or you were at the gym for a couple of hours and need to relax or relieve stress. Having a home sauna room has therapeutic benefits for the overall health of your family. Home saunas can rejuvenate tired and sore muscles and cleanse your skin by opening your pores. In addition to cosmetic benefits, having a home sauna room will help cardiovascular systems, increase blood circulation, relieve joint pain, help arthritis and much more. All these therapeutic abilities are provided in one twenty minute sitting.

Home Sauna Room

Types of Home Sauna Room

There are two types of home sauna rooms to choose from and both are very therapeutic, with the deciding factor being a matter of preference on which home sauna room you wish to purchase. The first type of home sauna room is a steam room which is a high humidity chamber that heats water to create vapour. A steam room does more than increase your cardiovascular system and open your pores; just like a sauna it makes you sweat which is a necessary and healthful function of the body. Human sweat contains urea (the same component as urine) so it has a tremendous benefit if you are able to get rid of toxins and other impurities in this manner. A steam room uses a generator to heat water to disperse it in the air to create 100% humidity but at a much lower temperature than a hot rock sauna.

A dry home sauna room offers a temperature of 200 degrees and a low humidity of 10% and uses hot rocks to heat the sauna. The body tolerates this heat well because of the low humidity rate and perspiration is evaporated quickly. In a wet sauna water is poured over the hot rocks to make steam which creates a condition of 20% humidity. You can add aromatic fragrances to the water adding yet another benefit to your home sauna room; the relaxing qualities of aromatherapy.

Advantages of a Home Sauna Room

Both the steam room and sauna create the same desired effect by creating a temporary fever or a rise in body temperature. This process is called hyperthermia. If you have allergies and respiratory problems a steam room is ideal for you since the moist air will assisting in the clearing of the sinus and airways. Steam inhalation is also effective against bronchitis, asthma and chronic coughing that can be relieved through therapeutic exposure to moist air environments.

A dry sauna may be preferred over the use of a steam room due to the benefit of perspiring which is greater inside a dry sauna environment. The more perspiration is expelled through the pores, the greater the cleansing of toxins out of the body and the higher the rate of fat metabolism for the individual. There are numerous health benefits to having your own home sauna room, however prior to purchasing or installing any heated spa, it is critical to consult with a physician to determine if there are any health issues which might prohibit the use of a home sauna room.

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