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Home Steam and Sauna Room

Given the challenges of the real estate market and the cost or losses associated with selling a home to purchase a new one, many people are opting instead to improve their existing properties with home renovations. Most people dream about a luxurious spa area in the privacy of their own home but do not realise how easy it is to add the amenity to their residence. Many individuals also are unaware that a renovation project such as adding a spa to the home will increase the residual value of the home by at least 5% in essence; the renovation will 'pay for itself'. If the children have left home and you are confronted with some well-earned additional space one of the major home improvements or renovation projects you might consider is the creation of a home steam and sauna room.

Home Steam and Sauna Room

Home Steam and Sauna Room Technicalities

The first stop in designing and preparing for your renovation project is to consult with the local council to determine if there are any applicable bylaws which might regulate or even prohibit the addition of a home steam and sauna room to your current residence. If the property is subleased you may not be permitted to make any improvements, or the addition of a home steam and sauna room may warrant inspection and the installation of appropriate ventilation given the location of the renovation in the home. Council information is readily available to consult prior to the commencement of any home steam and sauna room project. You must retain a copy of your permit to build on site at all times.

To prepare for the renovation it pays to have an experienced engineer or architect draft up the plans using CAD designs if structural improvements are required to accommodate your home steam and sauna room renovation. This is often required before commencement and in order to procure the building permit to begin renovating any residential or commercial property. A thorough blue print can create cost savings by enabling a contractor (or handy do-it-yourself sort) to accurately estimate the quantity of building materials required for the project. This prevents wastage from over purchasing or project delays by failing to have the appropriate equipment and materials on site to complete the installation of the home steam and sauna room.

Choosing a Home Steam and Sauna Room

Assessing and investigating the variety of heat sources available for your home steam and sauna room is very important as it will impact the style and design of your spa. Hot lava rocks have been a traditional favourite for most residential applications. These rocks are electronically heated from below and assist in conducting heat throughout the sauna. However given the cost of hydro heating a home steam and sauna room, many individuals now realise a tremendous cost saving by using infrared heat instead, which creates the same feeling of radiating heat at a fraction of the energy costs.

Installing your home steam and sauna room can be either customised (built from raw materials) or built using a pre-fabricated kit with the option to alter the design to suit. Modular designs are also available for quick installation and instant enjoyment.

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