Sauna Room

How to Build a Sauna Room

Why pay a contractor an hourly rate plus material expenses to build a home sauna room for you when you can do the job yourself for a fraction of the cost? While it may be a big project to take on, learning how to build a home sauna room can be a rewarding experience and if done correctly, can enhance the resale value of your home.

How to Build a Sauna Room

The First Steps in How to Build a Sauna Room

The first thing to determine when learning how to build a home sauna room, is the location where you would like to install the spa. Do you wish to have it constructed indoors or outdoors? Are you limited by any laws or council that might prohibit the addition of a sauna room to the building? Deciding how to build a home sauna room begins with deciding where to build it first. Both internal and external sauna's have their benefits and detriments.

An exterior sauna is an easy installation and can involve a very quick build if you opt to purchase a modular sauna or a 'pre-assembled' unit. These units while convenient do not teach you how to build a home sauna room as they are delivered in a 'ready to use' state and are often professionally installed. They are also exceptionally expensive. Kits are also available which supply premeasured lumber and fabricated parts as well as instructions on how to build a home sauna room which are easy to follow for the average handyman. Kit packages can also include audio installations, speakers and music pre-built and ready to install.

How to Build a Sauna Room from Scratch

If you are wondering how to build a sauna room from scratch but are not sure where to start, the first thing to consider is the cost savings involved with providing the manual labour yourself. It is far more cost efficient than buying a pre-fabricated unit or installation kit. If you can build a frame or wall stud, you are more than capable of doing the installation yourself and affording the thousands of dollars of savings compared to purchasing a full modular sauna. The basic instructions on how to build a home sauna room yourself are quite straight forward. For an individual with even a basic skill level and the correct tools learning how to build a home sauna room is within reach.

After drawing the blue print (or paying to have one professionally drawn up) the next step is to determine what materials will be used in the project. Consider your options in terms of the heat source. Will you use hot rocks, wet rocks or an infrared system to heat your sauna? Cedar is the most popular choice for its fragrance, beauty and it lasts forever as it is moisture resistant, repels termites and other wood burrowing insects, and cedar does not heat up like other types of wood eliminating the hazard of becoming burned.

Even though it's a lot of hard work and time consuming the satisfaction of completing a project like this is very rewarding and increases the value of your family home.

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