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Sauna Room FAQs

Saunas are an excellent way to relax and remove body toxins. Although incredibly valued by North Europeans, such as the Finnish people who have an average of one sauna per household, other persons may not know as much about saunas and the benefits of using a sauna room. Hence, here are some of the most frequently asked questions as far as saunas are concerned.

Sauna Room FAQs

How can going to the sauna improve one's health?

Saunas are known to be highly beneficial to people's health. By making their bodies sweat in a controlled environment, sauna can be incredibly useful in helping their system get rid of toxins, keeping their skin clear and soft and regulating their bodies' inner temperature. Sitting in a sauna room for a normal, short sweating session of about 15 minutes can help a sauna user eliminate 1 liter of sweat, and that increases the body's health by eliminating the chemicals and heavy metals that accumulate over time.

How hot is the temperature inside a sauna room?

A sauna can be regulated to the desired temperature. Whilst sauna users who share the habit of visiting a sauna often can relax in temperatures between 170 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit, first timers should opt for a lower temperatures beneath 160 degrees Fahrenheit to allow their bodies to adjust to the extreme heat.

What types of saunas are available?

There are two primary kinds of saunas that people can enjoy in their spare time: dry saunas and wet saunas. The latter are based on steam, whilst the first category consists of saunas that either use dry heat or infrared heat to make people sweat.

What is the difference between steam rooms and saunas?

Wet saunas aka steam rooms generate heat through steam and are usually made of glass whilst dry saunas are made of wood and use dry heat to warm the body. The environment inside a steam sauna is much more bearable than inside a dry sauna, but the latter are preferred by those interested in muscle stimulation as well.

What are infrared saunas and how do they work?

These saunas use infrared rays that penetrate the skin to heat the body and induce sweat. They also stimulate the body tissue and are perfectly harmless because they produce natural heat without any UV rays. This means that an infrared sauna room user can enjoy the feeling they get when sunbathing without the risk of getting burned.

How can saunas improve one's skin complexion?

As the heat penetrates the body, the sebaceous glands are stimulated to release toxins, the cellulite pockets become unlocked and the circulation is improved to make the skin softer and clearer.

Are sauna rooms safe to use?

As long as a person knows how to use the sauna room correctly, resorting to this kind of service shouldn't bring any harm to his health. People with different medical conditions need to discuss the sauna choice with their doctors, and if one is allowed to benefit from using a sauna, he shouldn't prolong his sweating session for more than 30 minutes. In addition, a sauna user has to replenish his fluids to rehydrate his system. The best way to do this and to regain some of the nutrients lost during the session is by opting for sports drinks.

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