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Sauna Room Guide

When it comes to sauna rooms, one must know a few things about what a sauna is, the types of saunas available and how they work in order to choose the right one for their needs. Here is a sauna room guide with a few considerations you need to take into account before using a sauna room.

Sauna Room Guide

What is a Sauna?

A sauna room is a place with controlled humidity whose purpose is to be heated at extreme temperatures. A sauna is used to induce sweating to those within the unit, and that sweating has several health and recreational benefits such as reducing stress, rejuvenating the skin, increasing metabolism, detoxifying and other advantages.

What are Saunas Made Of and What do they Contain?

Depending on the type of sauna, some saunas can be made of glass, yet most of them are made of cedar wood that creates a lovely scented and relaxing atmosphere as the room heats up. A typical sauna room is a room with a sauna door, a heater and a sitting area. It also contains a temperature and humidity controller as well as a thermometer and a timer.

Types of Saunas Available

Essentially, there are two basic kinds of saunas: dry saunas and wet saunas. Dry saunas work like ovens, and maintain the moisture inside the room at a pretty low level- about 5% to 10%. The heating device inside a dry sauna consists of an oven heater that includes hot lava rocks or granite, and it is heated at extreme temperatures of up to 121 degrees Celsius. There are also dry saunas that use radiation as a way to heat the sauna users' bodies, but they're perfectly harmless since the radiation does not contain dangerous UV rays. This type of sauna is known as an infrared sauna, and although it doesn't provide the same amount of heat, it is just as efficient as a traditional one.

A wet sauna uses water to generate hot steam and this is why it is also known as a steam room. The temperatures inside this kind of unit are lower than in dry saunas, and are comprised within a range of 37 to 46 degrees Celsius. The reason why the temperature is lower in steam rooms is to avoid the risk of users scalding their skin. The humidity inside a wet sauna is 100%, so it is perfect for sauna users who want to cleanse their pores of grease and dirt. A steam room can be based on a traditional sauna heater, or it can generate heat through a modern steam generator.

Choosing to Have your own Personal Sauna

Home saunas are ideal for people who want to enjoy the full benefits of a sauna in the privacy of their own homes. If you want to purchase one, consider prebuilt versions as they come in various sizes and are also easy to install.

Another great thing about home saunas is that they require zero maintenance costs and can be customised according to your unique preferences. In addition, home saunas are self-cleaning due to the fact that the hot air contained inside is sterile, so opting for a home sauna can be the right choice for many homeowners.

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