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Sauna Room Sizes

When it comes to sauna rooms, you'll find that there is such a huge variety of saunas you won't know what to choose for your home. Truth is, there are several types of saunas available including dry heat saunas, steam rooms, infrared saunas and portable saunas, and knowing the particularities of each type will help you decide which one is right for you. Aside from choosing the type of sauna room desired and the features you want included, there is another sauna room characteristic that is essential for ensuring an optimal sauna experience: its size.

Sauna Room Sizes

How to Choose Between Various Sauna Room Sizes

When choosing between various sauna room sizes, one must take into account several different factors that may influence the homeowner's preference for a particular size. First of all, the type of sauna preferred will have to be considered when selecting a certain size. For example, popular sauna rooms are available for purchase in kit form, and material only sauna kits require the existence of a pre-defined structured place that will help the user assemble and install the home sauna. Thus, when selecting a sauna room kit for creating a home sauna, the homeowner will have to assess the space potential that his house has, be it a small, empty room, a cellar, the backyard etc.

After taking into account the space available for placing the sauna room, the customer needs to ask himself how much room is needed to match his requirements. When opting for a specific sauna room size, one must also think about minimising the heat loss, and thus the standard height for the ceiling should be seven feet. Common sauna room sizes consist of four by four feet or eight by twelve feet.

When deciding upon a sauna room size, the homeowner also needs to take into account the bench space, as any sauna room should have a place where people may sit whilst enjoying the beneficial atmosphere of a sauna. Benches should be able to recline, therefore enough space should be allowed in one direction. Mind that, when planning the size of your future sauna room, you should take into account the fact that the overall interior space of the sauna will not only dictate the number of people that may use the sauna at the same time, but it will also influence the output capacity that the heating system will need so that optimal heating is ensured. Another thing you need to consider is providing enough space to equip the sauna with a sauna door and windows, if necessary.

Bench Space

Benches take a lot of space in a sauna room, therefore you must choose carefully how and what type of bench you want to be placed inside the sauna room. Most saunas have both upper and lower benches, the latter being either used as foot support for those sitting on the upper benches or as a significantly lower temperature area for those who want to take refuge from the hotter temperatures located at the upper sitting spots.

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