Sauna Room

Steam Sauna Room

A steam sauna room is an excellent way of helping your body get rid of toxins and it is also a reliable aid in increasing metabolism, increasing blood circulation and stimulating muscles. Exposing the body to the beneficial hot steams can also help in detoxifying the skin, making it look clearer and healthier. It is also used by people who want to maintain their weight as hyperthermia stimulates calorie burning, but should not be regarded as a weight loss method. Steam sauna room detoxification boosts the health of the body, helping the immune system as well as the endocrine and the cardiovascular system.

Steam Sauna Room

Choosing between a Steam Sauna Room and a Dry Sauna

For most people, the choice between these two sauna options is regarded as a mere matter of preference however there are some small differences between them that can make people turn to either a steam room or a dry sauna.

For example, people who experience sensitivity to heat may want to consider a dry sauna that even though it operates at higher temperatures, it uses dry heat that feels cooler than the heat generated in a 100% humid environment such as the steam sauna room. For those who are aware of having respiratory problems, dry saunas are not the best choice because dry heat can make these conditions worse. This is explained by the fact that the very hot temperatures inside a dry sauna can overly dry the mucus membranes, making people feel uncomfortable. In their case, wet saunas are preferred.

Another difference between the two is that wet saunas cause people to sweat more whilst dry saunas are more beneficial for boosting metabolism and increasing the heart rate. Whatever you choose, a sauna should be used properly to ensure a stress-free, positive experience.

Steam Sauna Room and Aromatherapy

If you want to combine the pleasant and relaxing effects of both the steam room and aromatherapy, you shouldn't have any difficulty in doing so as aromatherapy is an excellent way of rejuvenating the body whilst sitting in a steam sauna room. What you need to do is put a small amount of scented essential oils into the aromatherapy-equipped steam head and enjoy the beneficial atmosphere.

Home Steam Sauna Room

Anyone who experienced the advantages of a steam room should think about placing one inside his own home. A popular choice as far as steam therapy is concerned are steam showers as they can turn the user's bathroom into a spa-like cabinet at far lower costs that actually purchasing a steam sauna room. Most home steam showers are also equipped with a seat to help the homeowner relax in a sitting position whilst enjoying the benefit of steam hyperthermia. These steam showers can also include a variety of exciting features to guarantee an incredibly positive experience in one's own shower cabinet. This option is not only space-efficient, but it is also extremely affordable as some steam showers can create a steam sauna room out of your bathroom at a price not much higher than a regular shower.

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